Total Maintenance

Stable Total Maintenance, Technical Support,
Frequent check, Emergency Handling
by CLOUD Networks

It is composed of professional partners who have experience in maintenance, support after remote application and PC access program, and responsible service of sales and technical organization of application software developer.

Maintenance Overview
Maintenance Plan
  • Make maintenance process per system
  • Define the process of maintenance team for customer warrantee service
  • System enhancements such as SW upgrade after infrastructure build
Fault Management Plan
  • Establishment of service support system for effective maintenance of system
  • Prepare action plan by analysis per fault type
  • Make a decision support system and define statistics/report documents
  • Figure out operation status of customer's system by data and statistics
Emergency Action Plan
  • System hardware and SW maintenance and quality management
  • Division of roles and accountability by fault accept(helpdesk) and technical support
  • Operation of technical support systems and emergency contacts
Scheduled maintenance for prevent malfunction
Prevent malfunction process plan
How to Prevent Check
  • Once a month for maintenance target device, preventive check is carried out using time that does not cause operational failure.
  • Perform on-site support once a year for target equipment and domestic branches, and immediate support when customer requested.
  • In principle, visit prevention check is conducted. If not, check check after consultation with customer.
  • Submitted quarterly review report for technical support for information security check action and security information
  • Immediately support if customer requests technical support, frequent check, emergency fail in addition to scheduled check.
Maintenance Process
Maintenance Organization