CEO Greeting

Your Success, Our Dream!

A company that promises the best solutions that will never change,
A trusted company responsible for your IT services,

CLOUD Networks.
Hello There,
This is Heung gyun Jeong, the CEO of CLOUD Networks.

Founded in 2012, CLOUD Networks took its first step as an IT company that builds and provides solutions in the fields of Big data, security, and infrastructure.
It has established itself as the top of IT services and has consistently contributed to creating customer value under the motto of "Your Success, Our Dream."

We will further solidify the growth we have achieved so far and firmly develop our customer customization services.

Based on its strong experience in infrastructure construction competition, it is reborn as a specialized company to provide the best solutions to customers, such as developing solutions to reduce rapidly spreading new types of security threats, automating infrastructure with digital innovation, and increasing big data security controls.

The goal of CLOUD Networks is customer trust and satisfaction.

We will strengthen the improvement and development of IT services in line with the customer's perspective, share solidarity with each other through constant service and open communication, and place the customer's business success as the "First Priority."

Heung gyun Jeong