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Citrix NetScaler ADC

NetScaler ADC is an application delivery controller that provides flexible delivery services for traditional, containerized and microservice applications from your data center or any cloud.

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NetScaler ADC Platforms

Categorized by NetScaler product type

It is a general appliance type ADC equipment. Advanced Edition enables compression and caching, as well as web firewall and SSL VPN capabilities in a single device.
Shared Partition
The Shared Partition method can control system resources per partition and is a very effective method in a cloud environment.
VPX operates as a virtualization switch on top of a variety of hypervisors (MS Hyper-V, Xenserver, VMWare).
Multi Tenant
Appliance product with multi-tenancy, and up to 115 instances can be used on a single appliance.
Why NetScaler

Application delivery controllers are purpose-built networking appliances whose function is to improve the performance, security and resiliency of applications delivered over the web.

A software-first ADC
    In the face of new application architectures and evolving data center technologies, our software-based ADC simplifies deployment across any form factor, any hypervisor, any cloud. And our single API and management platform provides interoperability with any orchestration platform.
Hybrid/multi-cloud manageability
    Organizations today need to run their applications in both local and cloud-based data centers to optimize resources. Citrix NetScaler offers real-time analytics and end-to-end visibility of your entire application infrastructure—regardless of where the applications live.
DevOps app delivery
    DevOps and microservices architectures are changing the way apps are built and managed. Citrix NetScaler allows you to bridge the gap between your traditional and DevOps apps by providing unified capabilities and management through a single console.
Application and infrastructure intelligence
    With Citrix NetScaler, you can harness application and infrastructure intelligence to become more data driven and improve the user experience. Manage, monitor, and troubleshoot your entire infrastructure from a single, unified console. Use real-time analytics to identify and address app performance and security issues.
Pooled capacity
    NetScaler offers a flexible license model that allows you to dynamically scale your application delivery infrastructure to respond quickly to changing conditions resulting in protection of your investment. All your NetScaler devices share the same pool of licenses, whether they’re in use at one data center or are distributed around the world.
Application security efficacy
    NetScaler defends against cyber threats—both on premises and in the cloud—with full application security capabilities. Features including an industry-leading web application firewall give you complete DDoS protection, strong identity and access management, and deep threat visibility.
The Citrix advantage: Better integration with IT
    If you are a Citrix customer, you can benefit from NetScaler’s deep integration with XenApp/XenDesktop implementations. By adding NetScaler, you’ll get extended security, deep visibility, simplified user experience, and intelligent application access control.