The Best Plant IT Solution
for Smart Plant Implementation
Based on the 4th Industrial Revolution

DataPARC is Capstone Technology's fourth-generation MIS (Manufacturing Intelligence System), which consists of a PARChistory with RTDB functions such as real-time collection and storage of process data and data support needed by users, and a PARCView that effectively utilizes and analyzes data stored in various RTDBs.

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dataPARC Overview
  • Optimized archiving technology provides fast search capabilities
  • Minimum use of disk space based on Deadband exception options
  • Automatic calculation of daily and hourly average for each tag
  • Minimize network load between clients and servers
3rd Party Connect
  • Access a wide range of data sources using open protocols (ODBC, OPC, etc.)
  • High frequency data collection from hundreds of data systems and sources such as DCS, PLC, SCADA, MES, IT assets, etc
  • Provides buffering technology using data storage and delivery technology
  • Provides integrity by preventing data loss in case of network failure
  • Provides data collection duplication prevention and failover function
  • Provides PARCwatch performance monitoring service
  • Operable in small, large, and multi-location enterprises
  • Support to 100 to 1,000,000 Tag systems
  • Support for integrated expansion by adding storage capacity
dataPARC Solution
dataPARC Features
Application of new technologies based on the 4th industry
  • User programs can be linked and integrated with multiple 3rd Party system DB
    ☞ Integrated Visualization Technology
  • Built-in 4K UHD ultra-high-definition screen
  • AI diagnosis and analysis possible with GUI-based logic creation function
  • Support automatic conversion of data and applications with third-party products
Show off the excellent system performance by new technology
  • Support 10-300 times faster data query speeds than legacy systems
  • Breakthrough performance improvements with memory-based discs (SSD, NVME, etc.)
  • Improve the performance of bulk data search with DB internal index and defragmentation function
  • Support flexibility in system configuration by splitting and merging DBs on the same server
Smart License Policy
  • User programs, communication programs, and external link programs provide essentially unlimited licenses
  • Charge license fee only for TAG volume
  • Exclude TAGs for calculation and configuration from license volumes (Unlimited)