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dataPARC PARCserver
  • PARCserver’s proprietary archiving technology provides blazing fast retrieval that does not degrade as database grows.
  • Maintain a small disk footprint with optimized storage based on exception with option for deadbanding.
  • Daily/Hourly averages are automatically calculated for each tag, delivering optimized retrieval of long term data.
3rd Party
  • dataPARC takes advantage of open protocols (ODBC and OPC, et al.) to provide easy access to a broad range of data sources.
  • PARCserver is capable of acquiring high frequency data from hundreds of data systems and sources such as DCS, PLC, SCADA, MES, Advanced Metering, PLC, Batch, database, IT assets and others.
  • PARCserver’s data collectors utilize “store and forward” technology to buffer data, ensuring maximum integrity by preventing data loss during network failures.
  • Options for historian redundancy and failover tolerance provide consistent access to data.
  • The PARCwatch performance monitoring service is the watchdog for the entire PARCserver application space.
  • Suitable for systems with 100 tags or 1,000,000 tags, PARCserver’s architecture can accommodate small operations as well as multi-location corporations.
  • Additional data sources and storage capacity can be incorporated seamlessly.
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