Netscout covers all networks, datacenters, cloud, 5g
and ensures uninterrupted availability, performance and security for
all environments connected to Netscout with digital business services.

NETSCOUT solutions provide real-time, comprehensive visibility and insight needed to accelerate and secure digital transformation. We provide solutions to solve the most demanding network performance and security challenges by protecting the industry's global leader from the risk of outages.

NETSCOUT Solution Portfolio
Smart Visibility, Smart Protection and Business Analytics
Acquisition and analysis of IT operation data regardless of environment and conditions
Guaranteed integrated Smart Visibility from service establishment to service operation
Security and IT operational visibility, ML/AI-based data feed → Biz Data
Monitoring of 3rd Party, Cloud, Hybrid, SDDC and Virtualization
Response system to changing new technologies such as 5G and IoT / Explosive network operation
Netscout Solution
  • Smart Monitoring
    (End-thru-End Visiblity)
  • Omnis Security
    (Monitoring, Analysis, and Blocking)

Service performance and problem analysis

Cyber Threat Monitoring Analysis

User/Branch Performance Analysis


Service performance monitoring from the perspective of data center and private/public cloud

Service Dashboard / Situation
  • Dashboard optimization, the start of operations and analytics
  • Fast problem detection and analysis
Service Monitors
  • Service Dependency Map [Correlation analysis]
  • Comprehensive analysis of section delay, failure, and performance/li>
Session Analysis
  • User Session Analysis
  • End-to-End Monitoring
Deep-Dive Analysis
  • Transaction analysis for L7 (ASI+ technology only)
  • Detect the cause of the problem and provide guidance through detailed analysis of the inside of the packet
Provides visibility from the user's point of view, preemptive response
  • Support Integrated View
  • Different View Tests for Users, Performance Analysis by Sections
  • Network Path – Hop by Hop Analysis
  • Business Transaction Test (BTT) – Performance by actual application work unit

Service quality by branch

Response Time by branch

Response Time by protocol

Omnis Security

Data Center, Monitoring service performance from the perspective of private/public cloud

Cost Down

[Optimize Investment]

Minimize failure risk

[Cutdown maintenance windows]

Elasticity and Scalability

[Improve Service Uptime]