DBSAFER DB is the best database access control solution with the largest market share in the domestic market.

DBSAFER DB is a database access control solution that prevents personal information leakage and minimizes the risk by accessing personal information DB, controlling authority and SQL audit and logging.

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DBSafer Overview
Configuration Method

Inline Gateway
  • DBSAFER is located between the user and the secured server, such as a network firewall
  • There is no need to change the environment of users, networks and secure taget servers
Proxy Gateway
  • DBSAFER logically installs a server between a user and a secure taget server
  • This is useful for managing a number of secure target servers physically connected to different regions or to multiple switches
Main Functions

Access Control
  • Access for Virtual Account, IP, Application etc.
Authority Control
  • Control by Command, Table, Column base
SQL Audit / Logging
  • All SQL History Audit, Logging, Search
Analysis and Report
  • Support wide range of statistics and reports

Database Access Control

Access Control
  • Access control by ID, IP, DB Account etc.
  • Authority control by DDL/DML/DCL, Table/Column etc.
  • Heterogeneous DBMS Integrated support
  • Security device bypass access control function etc.
Authorize Control
  • Centralized management of user accounts on multiple device
  • Consistent management and syncronization, including account and password rule enforcement
  • Control and authority control via network
  • Local access control and authority control
  • Real-time monitoring and history management of user connections and commands / SQL usage
  • Ability to search and trace various conditions on execution commands and SQL statements
  • Provides authorization for access authorization and importtant SQL and system commands
  • When a change of importtant data occurs
Report Extra
  • Provides a wide range of statistics and reports covering over 2,500 customer requirements
  • Graph representation and output function of DB access trend
  • Support various format : PDF, HTML, DOC, XML, XLS, TXT, HWP
  • Support Daily, weekly, monthly summary / detailed report

System Access Control

Real-time monitoring server resource and session
  • Support server resource information (CPU / Memory / Disk) and session information graph
  • Provides security function of the security target server and provides statistical information
Service Monitoring / Control
  • Windows Terminal Service (RDP/Windows Remote Access)
  • Unix/Linux Terminal (TELNET/SSH/Serial port/local console etc.)
  • File Transfer Service Monitoring/Control (FTP/SFTP etc.)
  • Mainframe TN-3270, TN-5250
  • Secure device HTTPS
Control access control server room
  • Controlled when accessing the security target system in remote connection and server room
  • To access the security target system, the OS must first be authenticated, and once again the DBSAFER user authentication
Remote Access Real-time Monitoring
  • For the tasks performed by connecting to the secure target server through Windows Terminal Services(RDP)
  • The administrator can monitor the same screen as the user's screen in real time
Rereive and recall remote access history
  • From search location screen reproduction
  • Provide meta-search function to detect when a security incident occurs
  • Image compression algorithm to minimize log at the time of storage
Personal Information protection function
  • A section of the encrypted communication
  • Encryption of personal information and encryption of network section
  • Automated security policy enforcement through automatic tracking and identification of personal information on the server
  • Log forgery prevention - WORM function