Hashicorp provides solutions for customers' digital
transformation and cloud journey. It supports automation of
all infrastructures, including traditional infrastructure,
as well as private / public / multi-cloud.

The Hashicorp family provides solutions for each cloud layer so that companies can transition to cloud operating models.

  • Infrastructure life cycle management
    • Infra-as-Code supply
    • Integrated management of multi-cloud infrastructure
    • Create infrastructure based on self-service
    • Support for VCS interworking and provide in enterprise module storage
  • Security authentication information management and encryption/decryption services
    • Authentication information management for users, services, and applications
    • Encryption/decryption service and key management
    • ID-based access management
  • Service network management
    • Central registry for services spread across heterogeneous environments
    • Health Check, K/V Store policy-based service detection and connection
    • Application service network
    • Multi-data center configuration
  • Application operation environment management
    • Container-based and legacy application/okestration device plug-in and GPU support
    • Support for multi-region federation
    • Integration with HashiCorp Stack
  • Infrastructure life cycle management
    • Standardize infrastructure management processes through common workflow
    • Infrastructure creation Know-How Assetization (IaC, Module, etc.)
    • Improve infrastructure management productivity
    • Security enhancement through the removal of sensitive information on IaC
  • Security authentication information management and encryption/decryption services
    • Removal of risk factors for security accidents due to leakage of sensitive information
    • Minimize damage by promptly responding to accidents in case of information leakage
    • Security management work efficiency inventory
    • Support API-based security services for Cloud Natives Service
  • Service network management
    • K&S various service inter-service networks
    • Minimize L/B equipment for East-West traffic
    • Improve efficiency of service network configuration
    • Rapid network configuration and expansion as workload increases
  • Application operation environment management
    • Enable easy cloud transformation for a variety of existing applications
    • Easy operations with multi-cloud and hybrid operations
    • Manage container-based and non-container-based tasks with a single workflow